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Sugar and Health

Sugar has Medical Value
Apart from sugar being a cheapest instant source of energy, it has several medical & therapentical values. Some of them are as elaborated below.

Sugar For Oral Rehyderation
Sugar is extremely valuable in treatment of severe infantile diarrhea, a serious problem that kills around 3.5 million children in a year in underdeveloped countries. Oral re-hydration treatment (restoring of liquids by mouth) is used for infants with diarrhea due to cholera or re-hydrating viruses. It is simpler and easier to mix sugar with salt to treat de-hydration children even in the most remote areas. Further studies prove that oral sucrose was an effective as intravenous treatment in retaining re-hydration.

Sugar Heals Wounds
Sugar has tremendous healing power. Sugar helps in wiping out infections in all types of wounds and speed up the healing time as well. Fills up sugar in the open wounds and it dissolves in tissue where micro organism cannot survive.

Sugar is the Best Carrier of Vitamin E, A and Minerals
Vitamin A deficiency in South American population is being combated successfully with the use of fortified sugar. Encouraged by the results, fortification of sugar with vitamin A is being attempted to combat vitamin A as well as mineral (iron ) deficiencies a major area of concern in some of the developing countries.