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Sugar is our core strength and dominant revenue earner.
As Nepal’s one of the  largest producer of specialty sugars, we offer 'a sugar for virtually every consumer need'. We have established Trust as the leading brand in the specialty sugar space.

A Product Range That Spans the Entire Sugar Value Chain

We have fully integrated our three sugar industries with the distillery, co-generation and bio-compost units. Most of the sugar we produce confines to EU grade. The result is energy conservation, optimal utilization of by-products, cost savings and most importantly, a product portfolio that includes speciality sugars, potable liquor, ethanol, power and organic manure.   

Quality Control. From The Farm To The Manufacturing Floor

We are fully equipped to world-class quality standards. Our quality control efforts extend from the lab to the farmland to the manufacturing floor. Research farms grow different cane varieties noted for their quality and yield attributes. The crop varieties are then closely scrutinised for disease and pest resistance at the lab. Based on these findings, a continuous feedback is provided to farmers, with whom we are in close contact at every stage of the crop cycle.

Quality Control Certifications
World-Class Technology, World-Class Sugars

Since sugar refining is a continuous process, we conduct detailed analysis to measure the colour, sediment level, ash content, particle size distribution and bacteria levels in the sugar at each and every stage of manufacture. The aim? To produce100 per cent purity, high colour integrity and nutritional content. Little wonder then, Lumbini sugar  Industry conforms to international quality standards with an

Great care is taken to maintain international standards of hygiene and handling; and use high quality, food-grade packaging materials.