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Production Process


Sugar, chemically sucrose, is produced from sugarcane which is widely grown in the Terai region of the country. The process basically consists of juice extraction from the cane, Purification of the juice, concentration and crystallization in the form of sugar crystals. The detail of process is described in the following paragraphs;

a) Cane Preparation and juice extraction: The cane coming from the farmers is weighed and stored for continuous supply to cane carrier. The cane is cleaned by special cane cleaning equipment and chopped by cane knives. It is then shredded by crushers through a series of mills each of which consist of grooved rolls that exert heavy pressure. Water and weak juices may be added to help macerate the cane and to increase the extraction. The juice is passed through screens to remove the floating debris and fine particles of Bagasse. The spent cane called Bagasse is valuable by product which can be burnt for fuel or sold to paper industry.


b)    Juice Clarification: The juice obtained from the cane after screening contains colloidal impurities and is slightly acidic. It is treated with slight excess lime than theoretically required to remove the colloidal impurities. Phosphoric acid may have to be added it the juice does not contains phosphates. Phosphates help to clarify the juice well. The mixture is heated by high pressure steam. SO2 is bubbled through juice for about 8-10 minutes.Lime helps to precipitate the impurities and SO2 helps to decolorize the juice. Excess lime is neutralized later by sulphur dioxide dosing. The clarified juice is fed to the classifier where it is retained for 2-3 hours to settle down the precipitates (mud). The settled out mud is passed through rotary drum vacuum filter to recover the sugar from it.


c)Juice Concentration: The clarified juice is evaporated in multiple effect evaporation where water concentration of the juice is brought down to 40% from about 85%.


d)Sugar crystallization and recovery: The resulting thick juice goes to the vacuum pan evaporator where it is   evaporated to predetermined degree of super saturation. Sugar crystal nuclei are added in supersaturated syrup.
The crystals grow to desired size in the pan under controlled atmosphere. After optimum point when the syrup is mostly converted into crystals, the mixture containing syrup and crystals (massecuite) is dumped into crystallizer.The mother liquor is obtained as molasses which can be utilized for production of rectified spirit. The crystal sugar is discharged into hopper. It is graded and finally packed in bags for shipment.