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Quality management

  • Liquor is filtered using press filter (with filter pads), which give superior performance of filtration; sample is examined before and after filtration to check the clarity of the liquor.
  • Washing machines, tanks are cleaned.
  • Washing water clarity, Ph and hardness are checked.
  • Excess liquor is removed.
  • Defective Bottles and excess bottles, P.P Caps, carton and labels removed.
  • Flour, wall, ceiling properly cleaned.
  • Machine cleaned as per standard operating procedure.
  • Conveyor Belt, working table cleaned.
  • Blending, spirit storage, lab finish godown cleaned.
  • Filter, filling overhead tank, filling tank, filter Nozzles cleaned
Bottling and packing performed in hygienic and sophisticated manner. A well laid out bottling hall with selected latest available technology, which increase the efficiency of production with tremendous excellence and perfection in our quality products. The distinct process of the blending room, apart from performance confirming to the best quality, is temperature and Ph control system which results the volatile substance get admix into the liquor give excellent and consistent quality of the liquor.

The research and development activity in unit is a reflection of our company's commitment to the , consumer's taste. Special focus is towards developing ingredients used in blending suitable to drinker in respect to the quality and hygienic point of view.

We have eliminated the impurities of spirit, which are even in traces, required for blending.