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Quality Control

Lumbini liquor employed most advanced equipments and techniques in its Quality control Laboratory. our labels are manned by highly qualified Chemists and Lab Technicians. We adopt multi-pronged approach towards Quality Control. All reports from the Labs are scrutinized by high level officials from the company's management. Our quality Control Laboratory are one of our most vibrant aspects of our organization. They are our sensory organs.

Success at Lumbini liquor is a matter of meticulous planning at the peak level which is ultimately transformed into concrete action by a dedicated team of hardcore sales and marketing professionals. All marketing policies are formed , scrutinized and thoroughly monitored by head of the Marketing in consultation with the Marketing Consultant.

Our sales and marketing professionals are hand picked from within the industry and they are invariably people with a proven track record. These professionals are the backbone of the company as they will go to any length to meet their goals. Our sales and marketing professionals are, obviously, one of the best paid lot in the industry.