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Corporate vision

Lumbini liquor will always remain a pacesetter in the industry for the times ahead.

Lumbini liquorwill exert itself and concentrate on the development of new products ensuring top-notch quality.

Lumbini liquorwill always rate the consumer as supreme, and, will make all possible efforts to take into account the likes and dislikes of them. Our product development will take place accordingly.

Lumbini liquorwill promote in-house quality awareness through training Programmes and workshops.

Lumbini liquorconsiders it as its prime duty to participate and extend positive contribution in the mammoth task of nation building, and to take our loving country forwards into the new millennium.

We are using the latest technology available. Blending of our products is performed under the expert guidance of our technologist, which gives the blends of selected spirit, malt and imported scotch whiskies containing natural flavors.