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Blending Process

  • Quality of water (D.M) is checked. Its hardness, PH and odor and total alkalinity.
  • Quality of spirit is checked, completely. Laboratory analysis, potassium paramagnet test, clarity and organoleptic test.
  • E.N.A , malt spirit and scotch whisky is taken in blending tank with various proportions.
  • D.M Water is added into blending tank in three stages. Mixing is performed by stirrer; settling duration time is also given in the process of mixing.
  • Caramel is used for giving color in liquor, Lavibond color comparator checks color. Agitation and settling duration is given as per the kind and specification of the liquor.
  • Addition of flavoring material.
  • Various types of oils and extract are used for flavoring the whisky and other hard drinks. These flavors are used at different levels of blending as during reduction, sophistication and maturation, which give smoothness to whisky and a unique flavor to the liquor.
  • Maturation: It is performed in wooden cask or in steel tank; it depends on the quality of the liquor. After maturation final quality of liquor is checked in terms of taste, strength, and organoleptic test.