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About Us

Lumbini  liquor is overwhelmed by the deep trust and support given to us by the Nepalese consumer. It is our incessant commitment that we will stick to our already tried out and proven fruitful corporate philosophy with a view to achieve newer heights of excellence. While we have expansion in our mind we do hope we will go on getting the ever growing support of our valued customers whose support is our primary source of strength.

A team of professional to whom the product quality is of paramount importance runs us. to meet our own standard related with the unique quality of our products, we have modernized hygienic manufacturing practice system. The quality of alcohol beverages produced is excellent which enables us to achieve major share of the market and our quality products have become largest selling brands in the market.

Lumbini liquor has touched milestone within a short span. The bottling division has achieved maximum sale in Nepal. Hillside has been ranked the largest selling whisky in Nepal.

Manufacturing and distribution of our product was started  when the liquor industry in the country was passing through a difficult time. All major brands of liquor were facing a decline in their sales, not because of any of their own doings but because there were imitations of all major brands, cutting into the sales of the original brands. These imitated brands caused havoc on the industry.

The foundation of Lumbini   liquor was laid down at this critical juncture. The company introduced its debut brand in the market with much fanfare. The average Nepalese consumer was introduced with Non-refillable cap for the first time.
The brand could achieve the highest sales in its own segment in the very first year of its launch. It could successfully overcome the menace of imitations. Thus we could show a way to the industry as a whole, to tackle the menace successfully. It was soon followed by many in the future.

Lumbini liquor has very ambitious plans for its expansion and growth, which it can achieve because of the respect and acceptance placed in us by our valued consumers.